Saturday, 13 September 2014


I went on my first Autumn clothing shop today getting ready for the season as i have literally no clothes ahhhh. I will list where things are from below. 
                                                           Kimono -Urban Outfitters £48
                                                     Blouse - Urban Outfitters £38
                                                     Faux leather Skirt - Forever 21 £15
                                                     Knee Socks - Forever 21 £7
                                                     Boots - Topshop £40
 Lace Top -Forever 21 £10
Hat- Forever 21 £7    
Necklace - Etsy £3    

My crazy Autumn obsession

it officially fall when starbucks bring out the PSL and pumpkin bread in my books!
I've tryed to restrict myself to one a weekend but there just to good! they get a lot of bad wrap over in the states for not containing actual pumpkin (tbh so what, they taste good) and a lot of things like apple juice isnt always REAL apple. thats the way i look at it anyway. well the FLAVOURED full pumpkin spiced lattes are the best. in UK I'm sure there made with different ingredients as a lot of things are monitor before selling a product. i dont know this 100% but I'm sticking with that!

after my rant. my love for autumn is practically all year round. i feel so down and miserable throught out the year. We do celebrate Easter big in my family. but Fall and Halloween is just my favorite time. i would happily trade christmas for halloween any day if i was given the choice. 

                                                                     Pumpkin bread

Hopefully they will start brining more US fall products over to the UK as its blowing up more then it was. despite the fact (which i find so bizzare) how Halloween originally was made by English, Irish and the scotts, but US have important are Holiday and pretty much owned it, to the point over in the UK people are starting to believe it's an American Holiday. which it is not by far. thats like us Claiming Thanksgiving and then US think we invented it. even tho i feel it makes sense for UK to celebrate Thanksgiving also because. theres so much history to thanksgiving that involves us mainly. but we have The Harvest over in UK which again invented by us before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is taken from the harvest traditions. the meal with family. being thankful, giving. exactly same traditions. 

Thursday, 11 September 2014


                            PUMPKIN SPICED CUPCAKES

                                                               STARBUCKS INSPIRED

Finally PSL have come in season to starbucks and it instantly got me so excited for Autumn this year
if you follow me you know how obsessed I am with Halloween and fall season!..

i went a head and stepped in earlie this year getting myself in the baking mood for cozy nights in

heres a little video i made for you guys. if you would like more videos like this leave it in the comments :)

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Secret Cinema Back to the future review

So as I mentioned previously, i will be attending my very first Secret Cinema Experience. and i finally have done it and wanted to tell my experience there.

As soon as I arrived there, at the location we were told to meet at. there was a line to get in and even then we were greeted by Actors that were potraying American cops, telling us to get in line and no J walking and as we came in, it was the most amazing set I have ever seen. the detail was immense!

we then were welcomed in to the country fair, and a southern farmer boy told me and my sister "Looking mighty fine tonight" and to my boyfriend "and you look Ok" which was so funny we burst out laughing as soon as we arrived.

we then made our way to Hill Valley and the first thing we noticed was a Jump Rope and people were running in and seeing how long they could do it for. so instantly i wanted to do that. I ran in (thankfully made it seeing as i've never jump in a jump rope before) and then shortly after my sister did and we lasted so long, but then my sister couldnt keep up with the speed so we failed in the end. I was already out of breath. plus the day we went the weather wasnt the best, it was very windy and cold but i guess that just adds to the effect.

we then wondered around Mcflys house and all the others that were at the front of the site, where they sold icecream and had 1950s cars to look at. then just round the corner was the hill valley town square, this is the main area of the event where they would show us the movie at the clock tower. We were told "No J Walkin" many times during that evening by officers.

My sister was stopped by an actor named Annie, she talked to my sister about how she was saving up money to fix her car. and my sister was so nervous she didnt know what to say accept "My name is Virginia, but i thought it said Virgina" in an awkard English/American Accent.

we made our way nr the High school where they was a fun fair. we went on the fairest wheel which cost 3 pounds a ride which was fine. and then went into the school which was my favourite part, because I love dancing so i straight away wanted to do that. me and my sister danced the night away with our 50s style dance moves at the Enchantment under the sea dance

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Back to the future Secret Cinema

So Secret Cinema this year have done Back to the future, and I love that movie as much as the next, particularly because i LOVE 1950s era. So I was very excited about dressing up and allowing them to bring me to a time I wish I had known. I go August 10th just nr my Birthday this year. So in order i had to prepare myself. If you don't know what Secret Cinema is, dont worry, Not many do as they like to keep it on the down low so it stays secret. but today with the internet, its quite impossible, as i write this you now know. its an event they hold every year and they recreate a movie to make you feel like your part of it and they go in to so much detail even to the point in changing your whole Identity! Like mine. I'm now refered to as Evelyn Cannon from North Salt Lake, California :)

I was panicking for Months. What shell I wear? Where do i get my clothes from? etc and finally made a big progress as I decided I wanted to look perfect so I tackled out to make my own dress! yes very risky. I ended up finding a 50s pattern on etsy in my size and i fell in love with the design so i purchased it. It actually ended up cheaper then buying a 50s dress so I benifited myself. after a week I have finished my dress with a few minor details left to finish but I thought now is perfect to share with you..

Preparing myself for the biggest mess of a life time. i guess that what comes with trying to do things yourself. Lucky for me I had my amazing Husband Alex to help me make it. we both never made a dress before so I was very nervous about doing it. but as soon as we got started my confidence grew and the dress turned out PERFECT!

I absolute love it. I went with a peach summer prom dress look and it turned out just how i wanted.

Thursday, 19 June 2014


So I haven't updated my blog in a while and i thought id wright just because so much has gone on. Alot of Birthdays in the Month of June in my family. My sister just has her17th Birthday on June 14th and she came down to london which is so close to me I just had to pop down and visit her. For the last Four Month i had been working on a crochet throw for her and she didnt even know about it, but i knew she would have wanted one. so i was very excited to come down and surprise her with that.
I know she loved dark enchanting color and stars right now so i thought this would be perfect!

Me my sister and mom went shopping around London and we had a lot of fun, even tho they were heading to Harry potter studios shortly, we made the most of the time we had with them. feeling very girly indeed ..

Today is my Nephews Birthday and he has turned 1 today. I didnt get to see him cause its so far away from them but mentally I'm celebrating. I dont get to see him a lot the last time and one of the first times i saw him was christmas and its crazy thinking that I only seen him twice in his whole life. but thats the thing when you live that far from your family, its very expensive to make regular trips. i tend to see my mom and sisters alot tho as they do come London every now and again. and its nice to be able to do things with them and catch up. But christmas is usually the time i spend over with them and see everyone.                                           

Monday, 19 May 2014

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Night

So on the 16th May Friday night I met up with my sister and we went to go see Miley Cyrus Bangerztour live in birmingham. it was amazing! A lot of people gave her crap for the show being so controversial, but quite frankly it really wasn't as inopperiate as people have made out. I also didn't see any children at all there were all my age in there late teen early twenties. and those who took there kids and didn't like it, then maybe you should be better parents and not do so. but overall her performance was outstanding. that girl can sing and she does have a talent! she put on an amazing show, full of lots of crazy things that made you excited to be there. I can't wait to see her live again cause it was worth it.