Tuesday, 19 January 2016



 My Husband did the Most Incredible Surprise for me This January. He had been feeling sad for me for the last few Months, As i had been getting so depressed for Years because I hate when he leaves to work, this has always been a big problem in our lives. we want to be together all the time, but life requires Money so we force apart. Alex Promised me that he will do anything it takes to make that a reality, But in the mean time he said 2016 Will be a year of Happiness and Surprise for me in the meantime. Just as the New year began I was already getting depressed again now he is back at work. One Evening after work, when i was feeling my lowest he told me that we were going out. When he said that, i thought he meant a walk for fresh air. But Boy i was wrong! it turns out he had a woke me at 3.30am that evenin to head off to the Airport. i had NO Clue! where i was off to. all i knew is my bags were packed and i was Happy!. I finally got on the Plane, still made it that far without finding out (Miracle) I heard the attendent announcement say somthing in German., so i guessed Germany, but nope i was wrong, he said "were going to Austria, and not only that, were going on a whole trip sound of music themed!" I honestly did not expect that at all. i was so happy, that entire flight i had a big cheesey grin on my face, I looked out the window and saw Beautiful Views i had never seen before in my life. i had never been this happy in the longest time. 

 When we landed, we wasted no time at all. we took our rented Car and Drove to Salzburg where i would be spending the Next 3 days. we first went to Salzburgs Fortress. you can't miss it from the town, its a big castle on the mountain. we hiked up that and looked out at the Beautiful little city.

The next Morning Alex had planned our Sound of Music Tour. i was super excited for that. we have always shared a love for The Sound of Music since we met 7 Years ago, so it was very special for us.
and we got to sit on this Awesome Coach :)

we were taken to so many different Locations the Film was filmed out. This is just one of many of them. The Back of the Von Trapp Family's House.

 Another Interested little fact about Salzburg. Mozart is from there. And this is lake Wolfgang, where Wolfgang Mozart Mother Lives before they moved to Salzburg. I can't believe places like this exsist. its to unbelievably Beautiful. I just wish i could live there. 

We were pretty much No stop that whole day. No time to waste I tell you. We got in our Car and just Drove. The best way to really explore is to just Drive, you get to see so much in little time which i love, because I wanted to take everything in at once! We stopped off because we saw a sign for Waterfalls and we wanted to find it. Unfortunately we did Find the Waterfall, But! we found this Incredible Rock Valley. we explored that for a little while, but then it started to Rain. another fact. Austria is the 5th Rainiest Country in Europe. 
 Earlie in the Morning on our way to our next Adventure, we stopped off at this Location. it was so breath taking. i thought if i would rub my eyes Id wake up. but this is real as it gets folk.
 This is our view from Untersburg Sky ride up the mountine. In the sound of music, this was the Mountain they used to escape the Nazi's

 When we got up there, we were not expecting this, nor were we dressed for it :D It was soo Snowy, you couldnt see in a flash. all we saw up there was sparkles because of the Pressure. it was crazy, and a experience.

Just before we Leave Austria, we needed to get that Famous Photo of The Sound of Music Hill with Maria at the beginning.
This was the best Trip of my life. and i have been a lot of places to say that. even tho its all a memory and I'm sad im not there anymore. Alex said not to worry as he has other plans for this year, still miss him all the time, and Austria. <3

Friday, 20 November 2015

Disneyland Paris Halloween Party 2015

                            Disneyland Paris Halloween Party 2015

Disneyland paris has been a tradition of mine the last 3 year's. I have made the effort each year to go for the Disney Halloween party. Back in 2013 was my first time in a long time going, so for me everything was mesmerizing and nostalgic in a way. The atmosphere was incredible with all the Decor and Harvest themed parades, and at that point i thought wow, i really would love to do this again.

20 Anniversary Parade

The 20 Anniversary Parade was new to the park as of course they were celebrating 20 years of Magic
Which had great floats and a lovely mix of characters where they would go bye and wave from a height along with some dancers dressed up in theme, your typical Disney Parade. which I really  enjoyed          

Picture from Halloween party 2013

I went the following year 2014 Party and again, really enjoyed it. Parades didn't change or shows, but there were minor updates, and the Halloween Night program itself was better then the previous year, There was a lot going on, which kept you on your feet and almost intised every place you went, Though they did get rid of the Princess and the frog river boat show, once was enough id say. but they of course added more to the Program such as . Minnies Pirates Academy which is great fun, getting to dance and join in, the villain parade, the villians meet and greets in Fantasyland which was all Meleficent Themed, a lot of Steampunk themes going on in Discoveryland.

                                                                    Pictures from 2014

This year on the other hand, Very disappointing! The passion had just from somewhere gone out of the window, or could be to do with them putting all the budget into maintenance on the front area, which took a lot away from the atmosphere. This year i decided just to go for the Party to save a little money. 

i got into the park all dressed up at 5.30 after then opened the gates to the Halloween comers and was ready to have another great Night of constant Halloween stimulation as i had before. Very Excited as my Husband surprised me randomly with this as we loved it so much before. We picked up our Program for 2015 and went someone to plan out what we wanted to do, at first i was very confused?! I thought i was missing a page because i just couldn't see anything to do, But no i sadly wasn't, there just was not anything to do! The only thing to do was Meet and Greets and Minnies pirate Academy, Jedi training and Disney dreams, I was so made about Disney Dreams being a part of the Halloween party program because 1. its playing all the time for the last 3 years now 3 times a day, how many times can you see the same show untill it gets outdated? 2. it ate up most of the evening and i ended up getting stuck in discoveryland because the crouds were to much to get through which really upset me. 3. They could have atleast done it like in the states where they have the halloween version of the Castle show, because had no relevancy to do with the whole evening, people paid all this money for a good Night of Frights and thrills not the same crap you can watch in the day time and save yourself 30 Euros doing in the first place. After the crouds died back down once Disney dreams did finish, it was around 8pm at this point, we headed off to the Jedi Training, we thought it was some kinds of show, which it was. 

It turned out it was a show, but for the group of Childrens parents to watch them pretend there Jedi's so we ended up walking out, and again more time wasted!         

We headed over to Frontierland to go on The Haunted Mashion or Phantom Manor as some call it
and the line was so long to wait (previous years the park had been less crouded, but this year not the case) They did add a few Ghost Actors walking around with there makeup so flawless, but for the money you pay, Sorry that doesnt cut it for me. After the ride, we went back over to discoveryland to party. They have this every year, but had to make the most of the night at this point. 
it was 11pm, we all got tired and cold so we ended the night with Pirates Academy which was fun

Overall tho, very disapointed with this year and just the park in general, but thats a whole other blog post. if i could advise. Go to the states, its much more worth the money you are wasting here, American know how to do Disney and actually be the Happiest place, unless you looking for Rude, badly cast Actors and Terrible food, paris is for you!

                                      HALLOWEEN THEMED FOODS

Disneyland Paris ODDLY enough are not famous for there food. its cheap, extremely processed junk that your forced to eat for ridiculous costs, but for themed stuff this is what they have.   
 Again, they have had these the last 3 times i have been, so you will definately be able to find them in the market Cafe on Mainstreet, you have Mummy Chocolate muffin, Ghost Cupcakes with Icing, Carrot Cake with Spider Icing and Pumpkin Pie. There edible and fun to eat, but in comparison again to other Disneys, its shameful.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015


                                                             BIG EXCITING NEWS

i know i haven't really been updating my blog site as much as i used to. i feel i put a lot more effort into my youtube channels and find it hard to motivate myself to update as i do it all through a lense which is easier. But i have some very exciting news that just happend.

I was sitting down on youtube watching Funforlouis as i love watching his adventures and i think hes very talented vlogger. and i saw he went on Contiki tour to Vietnam to advertise it. I Showed my husband and was instantly inspired to go so i brought it up. and he loved it too and agreed we should go for it and do it, (as we never really pushed ourselves outside our comfort zone and gone on adventures) so we went online and booked to go on the Contiki highlights Vietnam tour september 21st 2015. so only few months and we will be going to Vietnam. I'm totally excited and stil in shock how spontaneous all this is. My sister is also coming which was random discussion after we had already booked. we will be going for 10 days and traveling all throughout Vietnam, trying food, going on big adventures around the country. my first time out of Europe and i would have never thought id ever gone to Vietnam, its so not like me at all. with me suffering with immense social anxiety this is a giant step for me, as i would never go in a group of strangers for 10 days on a trip that im going to be doing things out side my comfort zone, I'm very proud of myself on that prospective. I should be fine with Alex and My sister with me. I'm super excited and going to have amazing storied to vlog and document for you guys :) 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Now were into April already. I had a great Easter, but really been slacking in the blog writing         department. This Easter we had quite the relaxing day, if you would like to see the vlog for that, its     on my youtube channel. We went to a local park which i never realised was right in my area before.    so we took advantage on the fact that i was wearing new clothes and my husband really wanted to photoshoot with me in my new clothes. I love this dress, as soon as i walk into Urban Outfitters i                                                  bought it instantly. its soooo cute!                                                           

               for some bizzare reason i look tan here, but its actually inspiring me to get one
       my shoes were from Topshop. seeing as 70s style is in right now, which i love! i wanted to get             myself a pair of 70s platforms for the spring and summer season.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Happy Spring

Finally getting to see some Spring weather down here in Surrey. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

retouching and Photography planning

When I'm working on new images and Retouching, i always plan out what it might look like before i have even shot my work. Back in 2008 i taught myself photoshop while i was at college studying Photography, as in college they didnt teach us these things so i only had myself to grow from. after a year i master basic tools and creating concept and fine art style imagery. currently 2015 I have mastered Photoshop to where i wanted to be at. we can always make improvements, but i would say I'm at a standard i always wanted to be at after years of practise. My locations are often in forest so i always like to focus on lighting, contrasting between an extreme dark and gorgeous sun flare.

                                           both images were shot in October 2015
I find myself focusing less and less of my own personal photography and more on working with clients on there own. I was never the most confident photographer and felt uncomfortable talking so i focused always on self portraits as i know best right. But i put my skills to use in retouching.


January 26th 2015 Laika Studios who made Coraline, Paranorman and The Boxtrolls Teamed up with Heritage Auction and decided they would be selling 250 achieves from each movie. this instantly got me so excited as I've been a huge fan of there since the beginning. So at that point it was just about waiting patiently for a chance to have one for myself. The Auction ended officially on february 12th of this year, and out of all chances I was able to get myself something to remind me of there amazing movies. I really wanted something from Coraline itself, but i knew there was no way of that happening as, i just simply didn't want to spend there crazy amount of money due to the fact me and my husband planned on saving this year for perhaps are own business or America, so i went for something more in my price range and was able to get one of these amazing head bust from Paranorman.  

 I manage to get myself "Perry" Normans Dad from Paranorman. and i couldnt be anymore happy with him.
 The detail is so good, and he is a lot bigger then i thought he would be, so i can only imagine how big the puppets actually are.